Design, Consulting and Turnkey Manufacturing

We offer the following services for software, electrical, mechanical design:

1. Custom design and consulting services

Smart Battery system

  • Lightweight, high current, smart battery boards in custom shape, size and cell count
  • Bespoke connector, data interfaces, protocols
  • Current monitoring, cell voltage monitoring systems

Battery Charger System

  • Custom battery charger systems for 200W-20kW
  • Portable and convenient Pelican style chargers for dumb or smart batteries
  • Temperature, cell imbalance, SOC monitored for smart battery
  • Custom mechanical docs for battery
  • Cost-effective distributed charging system for drone-in-a-box and drone fleet systems
  • Charge batteries of different capacities and cell count with single interface
  • API for centralized management of charging status and health of batteries connected to charger

2. Turnkey Manufacturing

  • Provide risk mitigated development plan for both early stage startups and established production systems
  • Fast iterations and design for production
  • ISO 9001 certified production and QA
  • Low volume (<100 MOQ) to high volume(>10,000) production capability

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