How does BatMon work? Why do I need BatMon

Batteries are an integral part of drones. However, hobbyists and other custom drone manufacturers have been using batteries in rather interesting ways. They are either too destructive on the battery – draining it beyond recommended limits – or too conservative and not utilizing the entire battery completely.

Smart batteries are batteries with multiple sensors and a processing unit to find the accurate remaining capacity of the battery and its health. THATS IT!! THATS ALL IT DOES..

BatMon enables you to build a smart battery from your existing “Dumb Batteries”. You can assemble BatMon to your batteries and see battery health and status in an OLED screen. BatMon can talk SMBUS protocol to communicate real time battery information to your favorite platform such as Arduino or autopilots such as ArduPilot and PX4.

BatMon connections