BATMON version history


BATMON v5 is a modular BMS.


BatMon v4

BatMon v4 is based on a newer BQ chip. v4 connects directly to the balance leads of the battery making it faster to assemble a smart battery. Cell voltages can be monitored using the three data protocols without any additional hardware. A fully integrated smart battery system requires coulomb counting using a shunt resistor to measure the current flowing in/out of the battery pack. You can see an XT90 connector with the shunt connected inline in the below picture.

BatMon v4 can be customized to support cell counts from 3S to 12S from the factory.

Board Dimension: 83 x 43mm

BatMon v4.04

  • Improved positioning of shunt resistor connector

Batmon v4.03

BatMon v3

v3 version require a intermediate wire that either connects the balance lead of the battery to the JST GH connector on BatMon or a wire that connects from the JST GH connector directly to the cell terminals. The latter method is recommended since it is a cleaner interface and the balance leads are available in case the pack is unbalanced beyond being able to balance internally.

Two variants of the board:

  • 3-5S : supports cell counts of 3S – 5S
  • 6-10S : supports cell counts of 6S – 10S . The cells have to be wired according to this document. Incorrect wiring will cause a damaged board or a shorted cell.

Board Dimension: 70 x 43mm
Board Step file

BatMon v3.06