BatMon v4.03 (2 packs)

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Lead time: 1 week

Monitors Lithium battery packs and performs cell-balancing.

Install in a matter of minutes with the optional install kit (coming soon. Email us for any questions)

Connects to JST XHP female balance leads on battery pack

Communication Protocol:

  • SMBUS: I2C based 2-wire protocol supported in firmware. Communicates to Pixhawk, Ardupilot, ROS
  • CAN-FD: 2-wire high speed CANBUS interface
  • LIN: 1-wire robust automotive communication protocol

Supported burst current (5 sec):

  • 150A
  • 200A with optional heatsink

PCB Size: 86x44mm

Connector lead:

  • Negative/Positive terminal: 6in (152mm)
  • Connector: XT90I-F AMASS
  • Wire gauge of shunt with XT90: 10AWG (Optional 8AWG). Make sure the gauge of battery and BatMon are the same. This makes it easier to crimp them together.

Optional features:

  • OLED Display and buzzer: Show battery related information for easy reading. Buzzer can be programmed for low voltage, high current or other warning indications
  • External Thermistor: Attach to specific areas of the battery to the monitor the temperature. This board supports 2 thermistors.(At least one thermistor needs to be connected to enable cell balancing)
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