BatMon v4 released

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BatMon support
BatMon helps build smart batteries to talk with ArdupilotPX4Arduino and ROS. BatMon enables safe and robust operation of mobile robots using smart batteries. We are constantly making improvements to BatMon and have released v4 version. Due to the wide range of capabilities on BatMon, all of our boards are now assembled in house. This enable us to customize the boards to different use cases, and fabricate custom manufactured boards for enterprise customers.We know a getting-started tutorial page for BatMon was long due, so we have started a Tutorial here.

BatMon Pack 6sWhen we built first BatMon (v0.1), we assumed that customers wanted the flexibility to connect it to various different cell counts. We soon realized that this had the downside of creating additional workflow on the customer for assembly. We found out that many customers bought BatMon and found it hard to integrate into the pack due to the additional soldering of wires and connectors etc. BatMon v4 is re-engineered based on a lot of feedback received from our early customers to solve these problems.Many hobbyist highlighted the need to reduce overhead cost of each battery with a BMS. So, we have redesigned v4 to be reusable on a new pack and heavily subsidized the 3S-5S BatMon for hobbyists.
batmon v4.03

BatMon v4 improvements

  • Factory installed 3S-12S LiPo/Li-Ion Battery support
  • BatMon directly connects to the JST XH balance connectors of the battery to read cell voltages
  • No more soldering to assemble the smart battery. BatMon come with a pre soldered XT90 connector with inline shunt resistor. A hydraulic crimping tool can be used to splice the power wires, simplifying assembly
  • A faster ATSAM microcontroller with higher flash and RAM
  • Supports the robust interoperable UAVCAN v1 protocol using CAN Bus
  • BatMon can be harvested from one pack to a new one with minimal disassembly/assembly.
  • Reduced lead time to one week
BatMon v4

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