The Smart Charger


  • 3S-12S battery pack charger
  • Two ports to charge two battery simultaneously
  • 460 Watt total power output. Shareable to either ports
  • Max charging current per port: 25A
  • Seamless interface with BATMON. BatCha can automatically calibrate and profile any BATMON enabled battery.
  • Smart battery data interfaces:
    • I2C: Two wire based protocol such as SMBUS
    • CAN BUS: Two wire differential pair robust protocol for UAVCAN v1
    • LIN BUS : Single wire communication protocol for micro drones and connectors with single
  • USB interface for monitoring and controlling charge workflow from PC
  • Wi-Fi enabled for tracking battery charging state with BATTRAC
  • User interface engineered for speed and safety. Plug-in to charge-start in less than 4 seconds
  • Design optimized for robustness and repairability
  • Connector interface: Prolanv 120A

There are thousands of dumb batteries currently used by hobbyist. BatCha provides an elegant interface to quickly set charging parameters, and charge. Hobbyist and engineers often have to juggle between many different types of batteries. BatCha remembers previous battery settings and automatically present the user with most likely charge settings. BatCha UI is designed to get from plug-in to starting-charge in less than 4 seconds, even for a dumb battery.

Optional: Dumb battery connector with balancer(2-12S)

Design principles

Robustness and Repairability

We believe a charger should last for a lifetime, and not be e-waste after a little time. BatCha is housed in an extruded aluminum case. Every component has been chosen, within reason, for robustness and long life. While BatCha is not unbreakable (it’ll most likely blend if you try hard), every module is designed to be replaceable. We ensure that the most of the replacement parts are below $50. One exception to this is the Switched Mode Power Supply(SMPS) unit which is <$100.

Customizability and Open Source Firmware

The vision of BatCha is to be the single charger for most of your charging needs. BatCha’s firmware is open source enabling users to build their communication protocol to talk to smart batteries. Custom connector interfaces could be built such as those shown below.

Crowdfunding campaign

BatCha would be launched on a crowdfunding campaign soon. If you are interested in supporting the campaign, please sign up below. If you are interested in being a contributor for the firmware and charger design, please send us an email:

BatCha with BatMon charger