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BatMon 3-5s board

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Monitors battery packs from 3-5 cell Lithium battery packs

Supported burst current (5 sec):

  • Option A : 100A
  • Option B : 250A

PCB Size: 43x43mm

Battery lead length:

  • Pack terminal: 15 cm
  • Cell negative: 7 cm

Battery lead wire gauge: 10 AWG

Optional features:

  • OLED Display: Show battery related information for easy reading
  • External Thermistor: Attach to specific areas of the battery to the monitor the temperature. This board supports 2 thermistors.
  • Buzzer: Can be programmed for low voltage, high current or other warning indications
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BatMon based batteries are easily integrated with autopilots such as PixHawk and Ardupilot and microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Check our github page for example code.

Build your own Smart Battery from a dumb battery pack using BatMon. BatMon communicates the battery data to its hosts through SMBUS protocol.

How does BatMon work?